Winning a helicopter

I won a helicopter at a gift-stealing game at work today.

helicopter on a table


Everyone brings a wrapped gift for the gift pile. The gift must cost less than $25 – mine was a board game called Cranium. A round begins by randomly selecting a player who has not yet been selected. That player can either choose a wrapped gift, opening it for everyone to see, or steal someone else’s gift. If a player’s gift is stolen, it is that player’s turn to take a gift from the pile or steal another gift. Each gift can be stolen up to three times. A player can not steal a gift that has already been stolen from that player in the same round. A round is over when a player chooses to open a new gift rather than stealing, and the game is over when all gifts have been opened.


I started the first round, having drawn the number 1 from a hat, and selected a gift from the pile. It was Helicopter Storm, a remote-controlled helicopter. I had never flown one of these before – it looked like a lot of fun.

helicopter in the box

Scott stole my helicopter a few rounds later. He said that he would enjoy that helicopter for a good ten minutes, right up until one of his cats caught up with it. Those, he laughed, would be very good minutes.

There were a lot of nice gifts, but only two fun gifts: Cranium and the helicopter. Walking out with my own gift, Cranium, wouldn’t have felt right. I wanted that helicopter. I needed a gift that would be stolen from me, so that I would have another shot at the helicopter. Wine was a popular gift. I stole a bottle of Amarula Fruit Cream from Pam.

bottle of amarula fruit cream

It was not until the final round that someone stole my wine. I tried to retrieve the helicopter – Scott blocked me. He could only do that once, so I just had to stay in the game a bit longer. All of the wines had been stolen two or three times, so those wouldn’t work. I have little interest in coffee, but that was also a popular gift. I stole some coffee mugs and coffee from Clint, my boss.

My coffee was stolen quickly, and Scott was unable to block me again. The helicopter was mine!

Now I just need to learn how to fly it.

helicopter on a table


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  1. Toni Folstein

    You told this story in a very funny way. This is a very popular game that goes by different names and especially common during the holidays. Hope you’re enjoying your helicopter!

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