Clojure presentation at GatorJUG

This article has been archived because much better Clojure resources are available now. Some of my favorite Clojure learning resources include Learn Clojure and Clojure web applications on Heroku. You can also find commercial support at Clojure Core.


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6 responses to “Clojure presentation at GatorJUG

  1. nem

    hi eric,
    sorry i missed the meeting last night.
    are you gonna post the video somewhere?


  2. mak

    hi, i was also looking forward to your presentation. have you hosted it yet?
    your slicehost -related post has been very helpful.


  3. Just added improved slides for a followup presentation at GatorLUG, a Linux user group.

    The recording for my first presentation had technical problems with both the video and audio. My wife was willing to work on these problems, but I didn’t think it was worth the amount of time she would need to spend on it.

    I expected the Linux user group to record the audio for my second presentation (which would have been more interesting – lots of good discussion there) but they had technical problems as well.

  4. Ed

    Hello ? Did the gators eat you ?

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